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Ground Stars - PG - Harry/Draco - papers and pens and teastains [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ground Stars - PG - Harry/Draco [story time | 10:06 am]
papers and pens and teastains
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Title: Ground Stars
Author: sympathetic_ink
Rating: PG
Summary: A very sappy, Carols by Candlelight moment.
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter books and other trademarks are © by JK Rowling, Little Literacy Agency, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Arthur A. Levine, & Warner Brothers. No profit is being made, it's all good clean fun. Really.

Ground Stars

- for kaeda, birthday 2003 -

The sky, like the black satin of bed-sheets against forest green silk curtains, coated with the absence of stars and blackness of moonshine.

The stars were littered against the ground, a magical mist of waving sea of light, the roars of thousands of flickering candles burning brightly.

Harry lay, spread-eagled, on his back in the swarming mass, safely covered by the wild accent of night, his faded scar a smudge -- a vague blue in the crowd. The clouds were shaded fog above him, and faintly, he could hear Hermione's voice lift and rise just beyond his feet.

He felt utterly at peace.

A movement of shifting warmth next to him and a hand trailed up and across his chest, before tucking itself onto his far shoulder, the arm steady against him. He smiled.

Draco settled next to him, one long lean thigh crossing his, foot furled between his, pale cheek resting against his chest. Harry's hand slid to his back, gently rubbing a circle of comfort against his spine, pale against the old bomber jacket Draco had found in a shop goodness-knows-where.

Draco nuzzled briefly, before settling down with a sigh.

Hermione's song upturned them and rocked them gently with its wishes of goodwill and peace.

Harry, hand Draco's in pale blonde hair. Draco, a tear leaving a damp sponge on Harry's shirt.

The carols, and night time of candles continued.

They looked to the sky and were swallowed up.

- finished -